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How to add an article in a module?

Ever want to add an article in a module? Well, of course you can always use the Custom HTML module and reproduce it, but that is not the most efficient way to do it. Besides having duplicate content, if you ever have to edit it, you must do it in 2 places.  Also, if you prefer editing from the front end, even though Joomla 3 enables it, some templates don't allow it. But if the content of the module is in an article, you can edit it as you do any article.

There is a handy plug-in called Articles Anywhere by Regular Labs (formerly NoNumbers) that allows you to insert articles anywhere on your site that you can enter text. There are 2 versions, a free one and and inexpensive Pro version. You can see the comparison of the two here, but unless you need the extra features that the Pro version offers, the free version is quite sufficient.

Articles Anywhere is easy to use. You write your article as usual.  Then go to your module manager and create a new module using the Custom HTML module. You will notice a new button under the editing box called Insert Article. Click on it and a dialog box pops up for you to select the article you want to insert in the module. You can also choose to add the title of the article, an intro text and read more link. The syntax looks something like this:  .

Of course you can hard code the syntax yourself, but the editor button makes it effortless.

Hope this was helpful!

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